Cloud Computing – Trends in 2013 and Future in 2014

The term cloud says that putting organization process in the virtual area and reducing burden for organizations, so that to deliver service/products to customer in stipulated SLA.

Year 2013 is just beginning of cloud computing. It is still in early stage.

Trends happened in 2013:

Started investing in Private cloud: many organizations started using private cloud. So that security is not a concern

Moved workloads to cloud: It was great start organizations already moved some of the work to Cloud.

Doubts on Public cloud: Still security is a major concern so organizations are hesitating to use Public cloud. Only mobile related data moved to Public cloud

NSA cyber spying: It was created big concern, that some of the secrets leaked from the cloud.

Outages of cloud: There are cloud service outages. Seen with service providers like Microsoft, Yahoo and Google etc..

2014 expectations with Hybrid cloud (Private and Public cloud)-Many service providers now luring customer for this Hybrid cloud. Providers like VMWare, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft etc

“Google Compute Engine” may hit market with lot of expectations. It is combination of AWS, AZUre(Microsoft) and Softlayer(IBM)- as Iaas. Ref:Computer world

Online Training in Cloud computing:

Online Computer Training

Author: Srini

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