Mainframe: DB2 v10 New Features

Apply Big AnalyticsEach version of DB2 comes with different features. Some of these features in DB2 V10.5 are as follows:

  1. Adaptive compression: ALTER TABLE table_name COMPRESSION YES, this will re-organize the table.

New version is COMPRESSION ADAPTIVE YES, existing table will be re-organized

  1. Multi-temparature data: Hot data (recently accessed) will be placed on Fast access storage. Cold data will be placed on Slow access storage
  2. Performance: Optimizer will select Hash join. In the RUNSTATUS if we specify INDEXSAMPLE, we will get more refined statistics


  4. DB2 pure scale: It supports parallel processing

  5. Time Travel Query by using temporal tables, either with Past query(already ran), future query(going to run). We can run query with temporal tables, with out affecting real table data.

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