CICS V51 Latest Features Easy Reading Awesome Guide

CICS is also called customer information control system. It was originally released 40 years ago. Hello Zo/S guys how many of you know how to find CICS version?


Below are the latest features.

Operational Efficiency

  1. Managed operations are provided through the introduction of policies that deliver automated control over critical system resources
  2.  CICS Deployment Assistant (DA) automated cloning and CICSPlex System Manager (SM) provisioning wizards automate and standardize, simplifying implementations
  3. CICS Configuration Manager (CM) deployment analysis reports can help you avoid potentially costly surprises.

Service Agility

  1. CICS regions can be grouped as platforms for rapid-application deployments.
  2. DA automates creation of new platforms for more rapid deployment, and you can use DA and CM to discover and manage your topology and applications.
  3. Modern interfaces enable customers to build rich Web experiences for critical applications.

Cloud Agility

  1. CICS TS V5.1 can deliver significant operational cost savings through greater capacity, increased availability and more control over critical system resources.
  2. Version 5.1, along with the CICS portfolio of tools, positions customers for the next transformational era in technology and moves them toward a cloud-oriented, service-delivery platform.
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