Oracle Cloud Computing – New Features

The following are the key features of Oracle Cloud computing.

  • Oracle Database Cloud Service is built on Oracle Database technology
  • It is running on the Oracle Exadata Database Machine
  • The Oracle Database Cloud Service supports the Oracle Java Cloud Service, providing the full power of Oracle SQL and PL/SQL for Java application deployment in the Cloud.
  • Ubiquity, Elastic, No acquisition cost, Low on going cost, Simplicity, Increased access to information
  •  Database Cloud Service gives you the ability to quickly develop databased applications, and refine these applications into truly mission critical systems.

  • Database Cloud Service is used by the Java cloud service for all data operations
  • Oracle cloud service runs on EXADATA Hardware
  • Oracle database has an ability to use RESTFUL web services to access data on Oracle database
  • The Oracle Database Cloud Service includes a set of business productivity applications which can be installed with just a few clicks.
  • The Oracle Database Cloud Service is built on the Oracle Database, and is completely portable to any platform that supports an Oracle Database.
  • One of the chief benefits of Cloud computing is the universal access provided by the cloud, but this access is completely dependent on the availability of the cloud service itself. The Oracle Database Cloud Service uses a variety of proven features which are a part of the Oracle Database and the Exadata platform

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Author: Srini

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