Differences Between SQL and NoSQL: Simplified

SQL vs No-SQL difference given each in bullet points. SQL is format oriented, where as No-SQL works on any unformulated data. In No-SQL data in particular format is optional.


Relational Databases:

  • DDL- data definition language
  • DML- data manipulation language
  • DCL-data control language
  • Strict Schema
  • Relational databases
  • Query optimization
  • Physical Layer
  • Began in 1980

Big companies in the world are using RDBMS -DB2, Oracle,My SQL, Sybase and Terradata

No-SQL data bases:

  • Non relational
  • Distributed
  • Schema free
  • horizontal scalable
  • Began in 2009

New generation databases-Column DB,Document DB,Key value DB. Ex: MangoDB|Couch DB|Hbase-Hadoop|Cassandra

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