CICS Transaction Gateway V9.0 New Features

USA JOBSCICS family comprises of CICS Servers(Latest V5.1), Connectors(V9.0 latest), CICS Tools.

CICS transaction gateway V 9.0:

CICS Transaction Gateway ( CICS TG), a market-leading enterprise connector from IBM , is production proven for over one thousand customers as a high-performing, security-rich, and scalable method of SOA access to CICS . It provides the following features:

  • Delivers JEE standards-based access to CICS applications, while requiring minimal changes to CICS and usually no changes to existing CICS applications.
  • Provides quick and easy connector access to CICS applications from a wide variety of environments, including Java , C, Microsoft .NET Framework-based, and COBOL runtimes.
  • Enables the rapid deployment of CICS applications as fully scalable services in an enterprise-wide SOA.
  • Allows the reuse of existing CICS applications as services in comprehensive and sophisticated JEE, and web services solutions hosted on powerful application servers such as WebSphere Application Server.
  • Allows CICS applications to be integrated with cloud-based infrastructure, through products such as IBM Workload Deployer and IBM PureApplication™ System ( IBM Web Application pattern).

Running on IBM z/OS and Microsoft Windows , UNIX , and Linux operating systems, CICS TG not only provides connectivity to CICS for JEE-certified application servers, but also allows a wide range of application platforms to integrate with CICS including Java applications, servlets, applets, Microsoft .NET Framework-based applications, C, and COBOL applications.

CICS TG supports common programming frameworks to allow a wide variety of application platforms to securely integrate with CICS . While Java Enterprise Edition Connector Architecture (JCA) provides the highest qualities of service (connection pooling, transaction management) for applications deployed to a JEE application server, such as WebSphere Application Server, the CICS TG API for Microsoft .NET Framework-based applications, C, COBOL, and Java applications allow Microsoft Windows , UNIX , and Linux platforms to exploit the robust and scalable connectivity available through CICS TG.

In addition to CICS TG for z/OS and CICS TG for Multiplatforms, CICS TG Desktop Edition delivers low-cost desktop connectivity for CICS for Microsoft Windows , Linux , and UNIX operating systems. CICS TG Desktop Edition provides access from a single user workstation to the tried and trusted transactional capabilities of the entire family of CICS servers.

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