Cloud Security – Quiz

CCSK – Certification is the best certificate for Cloud Computing Security. Reports say that 53% passed in this exam. It is not easy. Need full efforts.

The importance of Cloud Computing is increasing and it is receiving a growing attention in the scientific and industrial communities. A study by Gartner considered Cloud Computing as the first among the top 10 most important  technologies and with a better prospect in successive years by companies and organizations.

Traditional Security Methods not suitable for Cloud.

Security concerns relate to risk areas such as external data storage, dependency on the “public” internet, lack of control, multi-tenancy and integration with internal security.

Compared to traditional technologies, the cloud has many specific features, such as its large scale and the fact that resources belonging to cloud providers are completely distributed, heterogeneous and totally virtualized.

Traditional security mechanisms such as identity, authentication, and authorization are no longer enough for clouds in their current form. Read more.

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