Mainframe: Automatic Lending Solutions (ALS)

The Advanced Lending Solutions (ALS) suite is the end-to-end single source for total lending automation – from loan servicing, to default management and reporting for the global marketplace. This is basically FIS product.

The FIS ALS Servicing Manager solution is a highly sophisticated, scalable, lending software package that provides automated account management and proactive customer care for the life of the loan.

Different Types of Loans

different types of loans

ALS Servicing Manager – ALS Servicing Manager is a highly sophisticated, scalable software solution with a modular construction that supports a fully integrated system of account management and customer service for the life of the loan.

ALS Advanced Escrow – ALS Advanced Escrow integrates with ALS Servicing Manager to accommodate all the needs of the escrowed loan portfolio: taxes, property insurance and other related items that need managing.

ALS Automotive Finance – FIS’ ALS Automotive Finance is the servicing manager for automotive credit with the flexibility, features and functions to meet the high-volume, low-cost needs of a specialized and rapidly growing market.

ALS Dealer Finance – Dealer Finance (ALS-DF) is FIS’ industry-specific wholesale automotive finance solution that supports a full range of wholesale products. Click here to learn more about ALS-DF.

FIS Default Manager – FIS Default Manager is a comprehensive, enterprise solution for managing any collectable no matter which core accounting system is involved. This next-generation solution supports all types of delinquent accounts (i.e. consumer, commercial, mortgage, credit card and deposit overdraft).

FIS Construction Loan Tracking Manager – Financial institutions need a construction lending solution that is tightly integrated with their core lending platform.

ALS Functionality

Portfolio Segregation – Segregate by lines of business

Portfolio Growth – Facilitates the creation of new product offerings by using the software’s predefined parameters

Flexibility and Speed to Market – Allows organizations to set parameters to efficiently create customized, market-driven loan products online, without programmer assistance

Productivity – Eliminates duplication, loan data is entered once and only once.

Versatility – Adapts to the interest rate variations and multiple payoff options.

  • Extensive Backdating
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Insurance Products

Supporting applications – Advanced Escrow, Default Manager, and Construction Loan Tracking the Systematics suite of products is the foundation for some of the world’s most successful banks and financial services organizations.



  • Automotive Industry
  • Banking Industry
  • Banking – Other
  • Financial Services/Banking
  • Core Banking

It run’s on ZOS-Mainframe.

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