IMS DB/DC Concepts on database Administration a quick Refresher

This is great IMSDB/DC material for super success in interviews. Use this as a quick refresher. Any questions, you may post here, we will answer those.

The term database means a collection of related data organized in a  way that can be processed by application programs. A database management system  (DBMS) consists of a set of licensed programs that define and maintain the  structure of the database and provide support for certain types of application  programs.

“The types of database structures are network, relational, and  hierarchical. This manual presents information on IMS, a hierarchical database  management system from IBM.”

The IMS software environment can be divided into five main parts:

  • database
  • Data Language I (DL/I)
  • DL/I control blocks
  • data communications component (IMS TM)
  • application programs

Important Topics

  1. Hierarchical versus Relational Databases
  2. Design Considerations
  3. Segment Edit/Compression

Read more details in 3 parts. Part-1 | Part-2 | Part-3

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