DB2 real rules to create Table space

A table space name is an identifier of up to eight characters. You can qualify a table space name with a database name.

DB2 Table spaces rules
DB2 Table spaces rules

Rules to create Table Space

  • If you do not qualify an explicit table space with a database name, the default database name is database DSNDB04
  • If you do not explicitly specify a table space, DB2 implicitly creates the table space, where the name is derived based on the name of the table that is being created
  • If a database name is not explicitly specified for an implicit table space, and DB2 is operating in conversion mode, DB2 uses database DSNDB04
  • If DB2 is operating in new-function mode, DB2 either implicitly creates a new database for the table space, or uses an existing implicitly created database. In conversion mode, the table space type for implicitly created table spaces is segmented. In new-function mode, the table space type is partition-by-growth


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