IMS DB – Backward and Forward Recovery

Recovery is the term we use in the sense of IMSDB is restoring a database to its point of integrity.

Backward Recovery – IMS will do dynamically backout the data in the following scenarios:

Online environment:

  • An application program terminates abnormally
  • An application program issues a rollback call
  • An application program tries to access an unavailable database
  • A deadlock occurs


We need to specify to IMS through DBRC, that data should be dynamically backed out during batch job abends.

Manually we do backout by using utility  – DFSBBO00

Note: Registering a database under DBRC helps to recover database during failures.

Forward Recovery- If your databases are registered with DBRC (and they should be), then you will need to take an image copy of the reorganized databases. This is for the same reason as above. IMS database forward recovery, using changes recorded in IMS logs, relies on the position of the segments relative to the start of the data set, which is altered by the reorganization. You need to take the image copies to establish a new base from which the databases can be rolled forward.

IMSDB Utilities

  1. System log recovery utility (DFSULTRO)
  2. Database image copy utility (DFSUDMP0)
  3. Database change accumulation utility (DFSUCUM0)
  4. Database recovery utility (DFSURDB0)
  5. Database batch backout utility (DFSBBO00)
  6. UNLOAD Utility(DFSURGL0)

Author: Srini

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