DB2 – 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Apply Big AnalyticsThere are few confusing things in DB2. Almost all people, both experienced and freshers will confuse during interviews.

PLAN –  Is an executable DB2 object. A DBRM we can bind directly to a PLAN or a PACKAGE we can bind it to a plan. In the BIND cards, we need to give PLAN name and PACKAGE name. A COLLECTION, it is again DB2 object. We keep all the packages in a plan.

We can see PLAN details in SYSPLAN catalog table.

PACKAGE – It is basically a DB2 object. All the similar DBRMs, we can keep in a PACKAGE. It is itself is not executable.

We can see PACKAGE details in SYSPACKAGE catalog table.

COLLECTION –  It is again DB2 object, during BIND, we need to give PACKAGE and COLLECTION id details.

We can see all the details in SYSCOLLECTIONS catalog table.

DBRM – This is load of DB2 code. This will be generated during pre-compilation. There will be one DBRM for each program.

VERSIONS – It is a concept for PACKAGE versions. We keep different versions of a packages. Since, each update in PACKAGE will put different version and keep old version of PACKAGE. In the production it is useful keeping old version.


Author: Srini

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