6 Must Read DB2 PLAN Interview Questions

What is DB2 PLAN, and why do we need it? Below, you will find detailed answers. These are helpful for your interviews.

DB2 PLAN Interview Questions

PLAN –  Is an executable DB2 object. A DBRM you can bind directly to a PLAN or a PACKAGE you can bind it to a plan. In the BIND cards, you need to give PLAN name and PACKAGE name.

You can check PLAN details in SYSPLAN catalog table.

PACKAGE It is basically a DB2 object. All the similar DBRMs, we can keep in a PACKAGE. It is itself is not executable.

You can check PACKAGE details in SYSPACKAGE catalog table.

COLLECTION  It is again DB2 object, during BIND, you need to give PACKAGE and COLLECTION id details.

You can check all the details in SYSCOLLECTIONS catalog table.

DBRM This is load of DB2 code. This will be generated during pre-compilation. There will be one DBRM for each program.

VERSIONS It is a concept for PACKAGE versions.  You may keep different versions of a packages. Since, each update in PACKAGE will put different version and keep old version of PACKAGE. In the production, it is always useful keeping old version as backup.

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