JCL: Mandatory Details in JOB

Some of the parameters in JCL job are mandatory. Read all the details about parameters.

Positional parameters..

//jobname job (acctinfo),programmer-name

The above are Positional parameters, they must be coded in the sequence.

//Stepname Exec PGM=abcd or Proc-name
//Stepname DD DSN=ABCD
//Stepname DD SYSOUT=*

Additional Points..

  1. More than one job can be submitted from the same JCL. After terminating the first job, then, second job will be submitted. So, we need to give unique name to each job.Else, it is difficult to trace, which job got errors in.
  2. Special purpose datasets

3. Concatenating VSAM files (or) OUTPUT files not allowed

4. We should not conacatenate DUMMY dataset with any other datasets

5. We can concatenate maximum 114 PDS, but no limitation on sequential datasets.

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