3 COBOL Features Not Allowed in CICS

MBA Graduates
MBA Graduates

Designing a COBOL program is a skill, if we write it effectively it reduces CPU time. The following COBOL feature are not allowed in CICS program.

  1. ACCEPT – There is no question of accepting data from screen. So we can not use it
  2. DISPLAY – This is also not allowed in CICS program
  3. I/O Statements- OPEN, CLOSE,READ, WRITE, REWRITE,DELETE START – not allowed in CICS programs
  4. ACCEPT Date/Time/Day/Day-of-week- not allowed in CICS programs
  5. Merge –  We cannot give in COBOL program
  6. STOP RUN – not allowed in COBOL-CICS program

CICS program before it is used for execution, we need to make sure that:

  • PCT – Transaction name and its corresponding Program name must be defined
  • PPT- All the Program definitions must be done in this table

Read further how to make entries in PPT and PCT here.

Author: Srini

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