DB2 Cursors simplified tutorial part 2 of 2

In this post, you will know advanced Cursor concepts in DB2. We know that CURSORS is a DB2 object. I have shared in my previous on DB2 cursors how to use in your program. In this post, you will learn the top keywords used in advanced cursors.

Top Key words in Advanced Cursors

  • SENSITIVE- Latest updated data we can access
  • INSENSITIVE- We cannot access latest updated data
  • STATIC- Latest changes cannot be visible
  • DYNAMIC-Latest changes are visible
  • SCROLL ABLE CURSOR – Normal CURSOR. we can FETCH in forward direction. In SCROLLABLE, we can access rows, in forward and backward direction.
  • WITH ROWSET POSITIONING – We can fetch multiple rows into COBOL host variable array. The maximum limit is ‘32767’ rows.

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