How to Use Micro Focus COBOL on UNIX

Here’s about the different flavors of COBOL and the ideas to work on Micro Focus UNIX COBOL.

What is Micro Focus COBOL

  • For COBOL development, re-use /or modernization, it offers a powerful, robust, and functionally rich environment.
  • Provides a choice of productive Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) for the development of COBOL applications.
  • Existing code can be extended for modernization to the internet and integration with other applications through .NET, COBOL/J2EE, COBOL/XML, SOA, and Direct COBOL Web services.

Flavors of Micro Focus COBOL

Micro Focus COBOL is the technology at the heart of leading Micro Focus development environments such as:

  • Micro Focus Net Express, which provides a powerful highly productive Windows-based COBOL development and extension environment for applications deployed on Windows, .NET, Unix, and Linux
  • Micro Focus Server Express which provides an accessible COBOL development
    environment based on UNIX and Linux for applications deployed on UNIX and Linux
  • Micro Focus Studio, combines the power and productivity of Net Express with the platform availability of Server Express to provide a complete development
    solution for Windows, .NET, UNIX, and Linux
  • Micro Focus Mainframe Express Enterprise Edition, which provides a productive highly IBM-compatible COBOL and mainframe application development environment for applications deployed back on an IBM mainframe

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Micro Focus COBOL Compiler

State-of-the-Art COBOL Compiler Micro Focus COBOL includes a state-of-the-art compiler that builds on COBOL’s traditional strengths by providing:

  • High-performance native code that is optimized for peak performance on specific
    hardware like the leading IBM, HP, Intel, and Sun platforms
  • Extensive COBOL dialect support, simplifying the reuse of existing applications and
    COBOL programming skills
  • Scalability, ranging from workstations to multi-processor UNIX/Linux server systems. Read Micro Focus for UNIX here.
  • A portable execution format for easily deploying applications on the leading server
    platforms utilizing Micro Focus Server
  • Fully portable multi-threading capabilities, leveraging the modern operating system
    threading features to provide optimum application performance
  • Full support for object-oriented COBOL (including ISO2002 Syntax) and COBOL
  • UNICODE support for global applications
  • Compilation to Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) with support for managed or verifiable code.

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