How to Work With Micro Focus COBOL in Unix

In this post, you will learn different flavors of COBOL. Out of those in this post, I have given ideas for Unix-COBOL.

What is Micro Focus COBOL

For COBOL development, re-use or modernization, Micro Focus offers the most powerful, robust and functionally rich environment on the market.

Micro Focus COBOL provides a choice of productive Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) for the development of COBOL applications.

Existing code can be extended for modernization to the internet and integration with other applications through .NET, COBOL/J2EE, COBOL/XML, SOA, and Direct COBOL Web services.

Download: Free e-book on Micro focus COBOL

The different flavors of Micro Focus COBOL

Micro Focus COBOL is the technology at the heart of leading Micro Focus development environments such as:

  • Micro Focus Net Express which provides a powerful highly productive Windows-based COBOL development and extension environment for applications deployed on Windows, .NET, Unix and Linux
  • Micro Focus Server Express which provides an accessible COBOL development
    environment based on UNIX and Linux for applications deployed on UNIX and Linux
  • Micro Focus Studio which combines the power and productivity of Net Express with the platform availability of Server Express to provide a complete development
    solution for Windows, .NET, UNIX and Linux
  • Micro Focus Mainframe Express Enterprise Edition which provides a productive highly IBM compatible COBOL and mainframe application development environment for applications deployed back on an IBM mainframe

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The compiler for Micro Focus COBOL

State-of-the-Art COBOL Compiler Micro Focus COBOL includes a state-of-the-art compiler that builds on COBOL’s traditional strengths by providing:

  • High-performance native code that is optimized for peak performance on specific
    hardware like the leading IBM, HP, Intel, and Sun platforms
  • Extensive COBOL dialect support, simplifying the reuse of existing applications and
    COBOL programming skills
  • Scalability, ranging from workstations to multi-processor UNIX/Linux server systems. Read Micro Focus for UNIX here.
  • A portable execution format for easily deploying applications on the leading server
    platforms utilizing Micro Focus Server
  • Fully portable multi-threading capabilities, leveraging the modern operating system
    threading features to provide optimum application performance
  • Full support for object-oriented COBOL (including ISO2002 Syntax) and COBOL
  • UNICODE support for global applications
  • Compilation to Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) with support for managed or verifiable code.

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