Teradata best utility Active Load

Teradata is able to load data actively and in a non-disruptive manner and, at the same time, process other workloads. Teradata delivers Active Load through methods that support continuous data loading.

These include streaming from a queue, more frequent batch updates, and moving changed data from another database platform to Teradata.

These methods exercise such Teradata Database features as queue tables and triggers, and use FastLoad, MultiLoad, TPump, standalone utilities, and Teradata Parallel Transporter.

Teradata Utilities

Teradata can effectively manage a complex workload environment on a ‚Äúsingle version of the business.

Active Access- 

  • Teradata is able to access analytical intelligence quickly and consistently in support of operational business processes.But the benefit of Active Access entails more than just speeding up user and customer requests.
  • Active Access provides intelligence for operational and customer interactions consistently.
  • Active Access queries, also referred to as tactical queries, support tactical decision-making at the front-line. Such queries can be informational, such as simply retrieving a customer record or transaction, or they may include complex analytics.

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