CICS Invoking Web Service – How to Fix Errors 13 and 14

In our workshop we use CICS web services. We have a scenario that we need to invoke a web service to get third party service. Just after triggering service we got an error.








 We did some investigation on it. The return error codes are:

Response codes 13 and 14

Error :13

An input error was detected either generating a SOAP request message or processing a SOAP response message. A DFHPIxxxx messageis written toMSGUSR to document the problem in more detail. It is likely that the application data structurecontains invalid data that cannot be converted to a SOAPrequest message.

Resolution: Check input data


A conversion error occurred whenCICS attempted to convert between the application data structure and the SOAP message. Either the application data structurecontains invalid data that cannot be converted to a SOAP request, or data in the SOAP response message cannot be converted into the application’s data structure. Some possible causes of this condition are:

  • A value in the SOAP response message is larger than the corresponding field in the application’s data structure.
  • When building the SOAP request, the web services binding file indicates that a data field contains packed decimal or zoned decimal data, and the contents of the field are invalid for this data type.

Resolution: Check input data

As we know , the general errors are  INVREQ, LENGERR, NOTFND, TIMEDOUT


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