CICS: When to use NODYNAM Compiler Option

When we are working with CICS, we need to mention NODYNAM compiler option. The reason is NODYNAM allows, to give both STATIC and DYNAMIC calls.

We give DYNAM option, when we want to use dynamic DLLs in CICS program.

Must use Compiler options in CICS-Program:

  • CICS –  If you specify NOLIB, DYNAM, or NORENT, the compiler forces LIB, NODYNAM, and RENT on.
  • LIB  -Must be in effect with CICS
  • NODYNAM – Must be in effect with CICS
  • RENT – Must be in effect with CICS
  • SIZE – (xxx) xxx must be a size value (not MAX) that leaves enough storage in your user region for the integrated CICS translation process.

Author: Srini

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