COBOL VB Files – Top Interview Questions

These are COBOL interview questions on variable record(VB) files. Some of these questions I have gathered from my friends. The collection is here to go.

6 Interview Questions

  1. VB files can have variable-length data. This length you can set by using the “Depending On” clause.
  2. Table with OCCURS ( for VB  or FB) can have a maximum of 7 dimensions
  3. The key value of an Array must not exceed 256 bytes
  4. The EXIT PROGRAM statement should be the last statement. Else, the statements following it will not execute even CALL statement is active.
  5. VB files record structure should use at separate 01 levels.
  6. In Evaluate, the executions continue to the next executable statement following the scope delimiter, if you do not use either of these WHEN/ WHEN OTHER.

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