CICS APCT Abend: How to Resolve it

Here’s a resolution for CICS APCT abend. The main reason is – when initiating a CICS transaction, the loading of the load module of the program or Map not happen.

How to resolve APCT abend

  • For instance, I have compiled a new program, but I have not defined that program with PPT entry. So we can expect APCT abend.
  • In another scenario, I have written a new map. So you need valid PPT ENTRY for the new map. Else, you might get APCT abend.
  • Usually, in the new CICS region, you may expect problems like this. So ensure PPT entries for all CICS objects are in place.
  • Also, ensure to have DB2entry for DB2 Sub-system to access DB2 database.


  • These are probable reasons to get the APCT abend. You can contact us, if you have a specific problem.


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