Stratus COBOL Material

What is Stratus COBOL?

Stratus COBOL also called VOS COBOL -COBOL, a widely used high-level language, provides for the internal processing of data within the structure of the four divisions of a program. Programs written in COBOL can access three types of files (sequential, relative, and indexed) in an established sequence.

COBOL allows a program to transmit information between one or more programs. This transmission of information is provided by:

(a) the ability to transfer control from one program to another within a run unit, even if the names of the programs are not known at compile time, and

(b) the ability to pass parameters between programs to make certain data values available to a called program.

COBOL also permits the transmission of information between two programs by the sharing of data and the sharing of files.

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Char set in VOS COBOL?

The most basic and indivisible unit of the language is the character. The set of characters used to form VOS COBOL character-strings and separators includes the upper- and lowercase letters of the alphabet, digits, and special characters. The character set consists of the characters as defined under COBOL Character Set in the Glossary.

In the case of alphanumeric literals and comment lines, the character set is expanded to include the entire ASCII character set. The characters allowable in each type of character-string and as separators are defined under “Separators” below.

The individual characters of the language are concatenated to form character-strings and separators. A separator may be concatenated with another separator or with a character-string. A character-string may only be concatenated with a separator. The concatenation of character-strings and separators forms the text of a source program.


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