CICS – Multithreading And Working Storage

When you code a command-level CICS program in COBOL, you can use the Working-Storage Section just as you do in any other COBOL program: for program variables and switches, as well as for data areas for terminal and file I/O.

When CICS loads your program, it allocates storage for its Working-Storage Section and associates that storage with your program.

If more than one task is executing the same program, CICS uses multithreading to provide each with a separate copy of working storage, So you don’t have to worry that the fields you’ve set will be changed by another user’s execution of the program.

Main storage is a more valuable resource under CICS than it is in batch COBOL, so use common sense when dealing with working storage. For example, don’t define a 10,000-byte table when a 1,000-byte table will do.

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