Top COBOL Features That are Not Allowed in CICS

Many command level COBOL Features not allowed in CICS program.

Below are the statements that are not allowed in CICS

Operator communication statements

  1. Accept
  2. Display

File I/O statements

  1. Open
  2. Close
  3. Read
  4. Rewrite
  5. Delete
  6. Start

Other statements

  • Accept Date/Time
  • Merge

COBOL Vs CICS Compatibility

Under CICS, all terminal I/O is handled by the terminal control module, whose services are typically requested by issuing a SEND MAP and RECEIVE MAP commands. Because of that, COBOL Accept and Display statements aren’t allowed in CICS programs.

Under CICS, all file I/O is handled by the file control module, whose services are requested by issuing CICS file control commands like READ, WRITE, REWRITE, and DELETE. Because of that, the COBOL statements for file I/O aren’t allowed. In addition, Environment Division and File Section statements that pertain to data management should not be coded.

COBOL statements that invoke operating system functions, like Accept Date and Accept Time, are not allowed. However, COBOL intrinsic functions are allowed.

Although the COBOL statements for sorting (Sort, Release, and Return) are allowed, their functionality is severely restricted. Because of that, you’ll probably never use them. Merge statements are never allowed.

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