Mainframe ISPF Commands (5 Of 5)

  1. How do I make columns 1-6 disappear from my ISPF editor screen?


A. Type ‘NUM ON COB’. These are the ‘COBOL numbers’ columns and the screen display will be from Col 9-80.

42. How do I make the numbers on Col 1-6 contiguous, i.e., the COBOL numbers

A. Type ‘RENUM’. ISPF sometimes recommends you to do this. You can ignore it.

43. How do I replace a particular value in a particular column with a constant value?

A. Type c ‘from_value’ ‘to_value’ 6 all. If you want this change in a particular range of rows, you’ll have to block the rows with ‘xx’ and say ‘c from_value to_value 6 x all’. Here ‘6’ is the column number.

44. I want to copy a block of records from one dataset to another.

A. Block the records and type ‘CUT’ at the command line. Open the other dataset in edit mode and type ‘PASTE’ at the command line and type ‘a’ or ‘b’ on the row after / before which you want these records.

45. I have a file of record length 240 and want to know in which column the value I am looking at occurs.

A. Say cols on the Command line if in browse mode and in the column command if in edit mode.


46. How do I get record length of a copybook?

A. Use File-aid option 8

47. File aid says insufficient memory?

A. Increase region size in TSO logon prompt.

48. Above option is tried but still complete file is not displayed.

A. Use initial records & skip options.

49. How do I overlay a field with a particular value for all the records in a file?

A. Use file aid 3.6 option

50. I have multiple record layouts in the copybook. How do I select the record layout of my choice for viewing the file in FileAid?

A. Type the command USE on command prompt which will show a list of available record lay-outs and you can choose one from them.

51. How do I make file-aid select different record layouts automatically depending upon data content?

A. Use XREF which allows you to specify what rec lay-out to use under which conditions.

52. In file-aid if I am viewing a file in the formatted mode, how to I go to a particular field?

A. Type ‘L field_name’.

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