These COBOL File Status Codes Asked in Many Mainframe Interviews

Search+IT+JOBSThe below COBOL errors frequently being asked in many interviews, and occurring in day to day development of COBOL programs.

COBOL File Status Codes:

00- Successful

02-Duplicate alternate key

22-Duplicate Key

23-Record not found

24-Space not found to insert a record for KSDS or RRDS

34-Space not found for ESDS

46- Sequential READ, READ NEXT or READ PRIOR statement was attempted on a file open in the input or I-O mode and no valid next record had been established because the preceding START statement was unsuccessful.


47-Read file not opened as INPUT or I/O

48-Write file not opened as OUTPUT/EXTEND/IO

39-Mismatch of logical record length

92-Logical errors

Examples for logical errors:

  • File locked
  • File already open
  • I-O to closed file
  • READ after end of file
  • CLOSE on unopened file

96-DD Not found

118-Verify performed successfully

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