These COBOL File Status Codes Asked in Many Mainframe Interviews

The below COBOL errors frequently being asked in many interviews, and occurring in day to day development of COBOL programs.

COBOL File Status Codes:

00- Successful

02-Duplicate alternate key

22-Duplicate Key

23-Record not found

24-Space not found to insert a record for KSDS or RRDS

34-Space not found for ESDS

46- Sequential READ, READ NEXT or READ PRIOR statement was attempted on a file open in the input or I-O mode and no valid next record had been established because the preceding START statement was unsuccessful.

47-Read file not opened as INPUT or I/O

48-Write file not opened as OUTPUT/EXTEND/IO

39-Mismatch of logical record length

92-Logical errors

Examples for logical errors:

  • File locked
  • File already open
  • I-O to closed file
  • READ after end of file
  • CLOSE on unopened file

96-DD Not found

118-Verify performed successfully

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