DB2 SQL Quiz for Mainframe Programmers

Check your SQL knowledge. SQL Quiz for mainframe programmers.

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1)SQL was first developed:

A)In the 1970s
B)In 1982

2)A SELECT without a WHERE clause:

A) Always outputs results to a log file
B) Results in an error message
C) elects all columns in the source table or view
D) elects all rows in the source table or view

3)A join without a WHERE clause or JOIN clause:

A) Results in an outer join
B) Results in an error message
C)Returns no rows in the result set
D) Returns only the rows in the first table
E) Results in a Cartesian product

4)An UPDATE statement without a WHERE clause:

A) Updates no rows in a table
B) Updates every row in a table
C) Results in an error message
D) Updates every column in a table

5)An INSERT statement:

A) May contain a subquery
B) Must contain a VALUES list
C) Must contain a column list
D)May create multiple table rows

Check SQL Quiz Answers Here

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