These DB2 SQL Errors Asked in Many Mainframe Interviews

Below is the list of frequently asked DB2 SQL errors in many interviews.

SQL errors

000- Successful

100-Row not found

-205-Column name is not a column of the table

-305-Null value cannot be assigned to a host variable

-313-Number of host variables declared in not equal to number of parameter markers

-501 – Cursor is not opened

-502 -Multiple open of cursor

-503 – Column cannot be updated because it is not defined in declare statement

-504 – Cursor name not defined

-551/-552 – Authorization for user id not found

-803 – Duplicate insert

-811 – Select statement fetches more than one row, in case of Singleton SELECT

-818- Timestamp mismatch

-922 – Not authorized on a particular resource

-904 – Resource not available

-911 – Timeout dead lock

-913- Deadlock with rollback

-530 – Foreign key not found

-532- Delete not allowed.

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