Top DB2 DBA Tricky Interview Questions

Here are DB2 DBA (administrator) interview questions, which help you get knowledge on DBA activities.

DBA Interview Questions

1) What are the different address spaces used in DB2?

  • System services address space (SSAS)
  • Database services address space (DSAS)
  • Internal resource lock manager (IRLM)
  • Distributed Database Facility (DDF)
  • Stored procedure address space (SPAS)
  • Allied address spaces

2) Which facility do we use for security in the DB2 sub-system?

You can add security to your DB2 subsystem by using the Resource Access Control Facility (RACF). RACF is a component of the SecureWay Security Server for z/OS.


3) Why do we need to use parallel sysplex support in DB2?

DB2 has the ability to run in a parallel sysplex environment. This environment is required to support DB2 data sharing, allowing us to configure an environment in which several processors can share data and the DB2 subsystems can have concurrent read/write access to this data.

4) What is the Data Facility Storage Management subsystem?

DFSMS (Data Facility Storage Management Subsystem) can be used to manage DB2 data sets automatically and to reduce the amount of administrative work for database and systems administrators.

5) What are the two most DB2 interfaces?

Various ways to interface with DB2 are available, such as with programs using TSO, CAF, CICS, and so on.

Two of the most common interfaces provided with the DB2 product are DB2 Interactive (DB2I) and Sequential Processing Using File Input (SPUFI).

6) What is the difference between Installation and Migration?

A). Installation is preparing DB2 to operate as a z/OS subsystem. Migration is the process of upgrading to a more current release of DB2. Both processes require the same steps.

7) Who will supply DSNZPARMs into DB2?

A). At the installation time, you supply values for the DB2 DSNZPARM parameters via the install panels.

8) What are the different commands used in DB2?

The DSN command and its sub-commands

  • DB2 commands
  • IMS commands
  • CICS Attachment Facility Commands
  • MVS IRLM commands

9) How many ways we can run DB2 utilities?

A). DB2 utilities either execute within the subsystem (online) or standalone and run outside the subsystem (offline)

10) What is the DB2 catalog?

A). The catalog comprises several DB2 tables and can be accessed via SQL. The catalog contains details about DB2 objects obtained from the DDL (Data Definition Language) when an object is created or altered or from DCL (Data Control Language) when authorization is granted on an object or a group of objects.

11) What is the DB2 Directory?

A). The DB2 directory is used to store information about the operation and housekeeping of the DB2 environment. Unlike the DB2 catalog, this directory cannot be accessed using SQL. The DB2 directory contains information required to start DB2 activities and utilities in the DB2 environment to do the updating and deleting of table entries in the DB2 directory.

The Bottom Line

The Role of DBA is critical. Their responsibilities include looking after database performance, overseeing production issues, and coordinating with developers.

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