Ideas: How to Edit IMS DB Segments Using FileAid

Here is topic how to edit IMS DB segments in File-aid for mainframe.

How to open file-aid in edit mode

In case you are not able to open File Aid in Edit mode, follow the steps.

  • Open your file Aid with option 2 for Edit, you will get below screen.
  • Now in the bottom of the screenshot there is a option “IMS log dataset usage” with indicator ‘N’.
  • Change the Indicator value from ‘N’ to ‘AD’ or ‘AK’. Now you will be able to edit the database.
  • ‘AK’: If you want to have the log file available to backout your changes.
  • ‘AD’: If you don’t want to have the log file.

IMS DB FileAid Screen

IMS DB FileAid Screen

How to Use IMS File-Aid Video

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