How to increase sort performance with SORTWKxx dataset

DFSORT Master for best examples
[DFSORT Master for best examples]
The use of more work data sets increases the maximum amount of data DFSORT can process in a single sort application.

  • Any valid ddname of the form SORTWKdd or SORTWKd can now be used for DASD work data sets (for example, SORTWK01, SORTWKC3, SORTWK2, SORTWK#5, SORTWKA, SORTWKXY and so on).

Limit of number of input datasets for sort JCL

The upper limit for the number of input data sets that can be specified and used for a Blockset merge application has been raised from 16 to 100. The use of more merge input data sets increases the maximum amount of data DFSORT can process in a single merge application.

Maximum limit for work datasets in DFSORT JCL

The maximum limit is 255