How to know Your Version of DB2 in Mainframe

Here’re ways to find DB2 version information in Mainframe. It’s also tricky interview question. So helpful for interviews and project.

AS DB2 goes through V8, V9, and now V10 with different mode levels (Compatibility mode, Enabling New Function mode, and New Function mode), it is important to know which version is running in the subsystem you are working in. Many shops have different subsystems in different versions, especially in their test environment.

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It is very important for developers to know the DB2 Version. So that they can use features or functions correctly.

Here’re 2 Ways to Find DB2 Version

1. Choose DISPLAY GROUP from the DB2I menu


The DB2® command DISPLAY GROUP displays information about the data sharing group to which a DB2 subsystem belongs.


DISPLAY GROUP DETAIL displays the DB2 subsystem and group mode (conversion mode, enabling new function mode, or DB2 Version 8 new-function mode or later).



2. Run the GETVARIABLE SQL query


A string comes back with the following:

  • PPP is the product string, set to:   DSN
  • VV is a two-digit version identifier, such as: 09.
  • RR is a two-digit release identifier, such as: 01.
  • M is a one-digit maintenance-level identifier, such as 5.

You can execute either of these in the subsystem you’re currently working in. Remember that each subsystem could be under different versions and releases.

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