Top Idea to restart a Batch Job in IMS DB -U102 error

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Restarting Batch Jobs

Restarting Batch Jobs: 

Before you restart a DL/I batch job, ensure all database changes have been backed out. IMS™ might have backed out the database changes dynamically if a pseudo-abend occurred and you specified BKO=Y in the JCL and the data set resides on DASD. Otherwise, run the Database Batch Backout utility.

To restart a batch job, specify the ID of its last checkpoint in the JCL and supply, as input, the SLDS created in the program’s previous execution. The input is specified on the IMSLOGR DD statement.

The batch job that is performing the restart must have the |same job name as the original. If you do not use the same job name for the |restart, IMS cannot find the checkpoint and the job fails with a U0102 error.