JCL -How to run only one step in a Job

The following are the different methods to execute only one step in a Job:

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Consider a situation. I have a JCL with 10 steps. For reasons known only to me, I want to execute step 5 only. How can I do it?

1.One way to do it is to use RESTART from STEP05, but it will try to execute the subsequent steps too.

2.We have to insert null statement after STEP05 to prevent the execution of subsequent steps.

3.But one decent way is there in which we don’t need to touch the job steps code, but alter only the Jobcard.

4.In the JOBCARD, code COND parameter. Then, when the Job is executed, only the Step mentioned in the RESTART parameter will get executed.

e.g., RESTART=STEP05, COND= (0, LE)


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