Frequently happen COBOL compilation errors

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The following are the list compilation errors occurred during compilation of COBOL programs:

  • Misspelling the name of a DIVISION. In Micro Focus Personal COBOL, misspelling IDENTIFICATION DIVISION produces an error of PROCEDURE DIVISION MISSING.
  • This is a devil to locate because everything around PROCEDURE DIVISION might look good. You have to go all the way back to the top of the program to locate the error.
  • Misspelling the name of a required SECTION.
  • Misspelling the name of any required PARAGRAPH.
  • Starting a DIVISION, SECTION, or PARAGRAPH outside of Area A. Area A is columns 8-11.
  • Leaving a period off the end of a DIVISION, SECTION, or PARAGRAPH.
  • Adding an unnecessary hyphen to a DIVISION or SECTION name. For example,IDENTIFICATION-DIVISION or WORKING-STORAGE-SECTION is wrong.
  • Wrong length calculation in reference modification

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