10 Top COBOL Compilation Errors With Root Causes

Here are the list compilation errors occurred during compilation of COBOL programs . These are useful for your projects.

COBOL Compilation Errors Root Causes

  1. Misspelling the name of a DIVISION. Misspelling IDENTIFICATION DIVISION produces an error of PROCEDURE DIVISION MISSING.
  2. This is a devil to locate because everything around PROCEDURE DIVISION might look good. You have to go all the way back to the top of the program to locate the error.
  3. Misspelling the name of a required SECTION.
  4. Misspelling the name of any required PARAGRAPH.
  5. Periods in between IF and END_IF statements
  6. Starting a DIVISION, SECTION, or PARAGRAPH outside of Area A. Area A is columns 8-11.
  7. Leaving a period off the end of a DIVISION, SECTION, or PARAGRAPH.
  8. Instead of ‘-‘ hyphen in section name, you used ‘_’ underscore.
  9. Adding an unnecessary hyphen to a DIVISION or SECTION name. For example, IDENTIFICATION-DIVISION or WORKING-STORAGE-SECTION is wrong.
  10. Wrong length calculation in reference modification

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