How to pass a Channel to Local or Remote System in CICS



+-TERMID(name)——-+ ‘-SYSID(systemname)-‘

Description: START CHANNEL starts a task on a local or remote system, passing it a channel.

Typically, the starting task uses the channel to pass data to the started task (although in some circumstances the channel can be empty). The starting task can also specify a terminal to be used by the started task as its principal facility.

The started task can do the following:

  • Use an ASSIGN CHANNEL command to discover the name of the channel that has been passed to it. Use START BROWSE CONTAINER CHANNEL and GETNEXT CONTAINER commands to browse the containers in the channel. Use GET CONTAINER CHANNEL or GET64 CONTAINER commands to access the data in the containers.
  • The following constraints must be satisfied before the transaction to be run can be started: If you specify the TERMID option, the named terminal must exist and be available. If the named terminal does not exist, the START is discarded. START CHANNEL does not support IMS™; that is, you cannot use START CHANNEL to start a transaction on a remote IMS system.
  • Each START CHANNEL command results in a separate task being started.

START with TERMID specified does not propagate the origin data record (ODR), so tasks are always started at a new point of origin.


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