CICS EIBDATE: How to Know When Task is Started

Contains the date the task is started; this field is updated by the ASKTIME command. The date is in packed decimal form (0CYYDDD+) where C shows the century with values 0 for the 1900s and 1 for the 2000s. For example, the date 31 December 1999 has the EIBDATE value of 0099365 and the date 1 January 2000 has an EIBDATE value of 0100001.

At midnight, if EIBTIME has the value of 0240000+, the value of EIBDATE is the day that has ended. If EIBTIME has the value of 0000000+, the value of EIBDATE is the day that is just beginning.


C: char eibdate [4];


Assembler: PL4

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