How to Create VSAM dataset without Using IDCAMS and Option 3.2

Many friends asked how to create VSAM dataset without IDCAMS and Option 3.2. Of course you can use tools to create VSAM dataset.

Using SMS (Storage management subsystem) you can create a dataset.

The following parameters you need give in JCL, RECORG=option

Option==> KS or LS or RR or ES

KEYOFF = n and KEYLEN =n, parameters you need to give, if you wish to create KSDS. If VSAM dataset already present, then these parameters are ignored.

SMS based JCL examples (Ref:IBM)

For example, suppose you want to create a new data set named DATA.LIST. If SMS is active, you could use JCL like this:

//         DISP=(NEW,KEEP),
//         DATACLAS=DSCLAS01,
//         STORCLAS=STRCLS20

In this case, z/OS can use characteristics from predefined data and storage classes when it creates the DATA.LIST data set for you.

If SMS is not active or not in use, you need to manually specify the space requirements and storage location for the new data set, and your JCL would look like this or something even more complicated:

//         DISP=(NEW,KEEP),
//         SPACE=(CYL,(1,1)),
//         UNIT=SYSDA,
//         VOL=SER=SHARED

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