What’s the COPY Utility Enhancement in DB2 V10

This setting lets DB2 create a FlashCopy image copy automatically. You do not need COPYDDN specified on your utility control statement.

What is the difference between sequential COPY  and FlashCopy

FlashCopy image copy is useful for making image copies of large DB2 objects; however, using FlashCopy does not mean that you will obtain better performance than sequential image copies with small DB2 objects. For small objects, you may get better performance using a system level backup, which avoids the cost of data set allocations.

Because FlashCopy image copy does not support incremental copies, do not consider FlashCopy image copy as a replacement for incremental image copies. Also consider that, if the hardware does not support FlashCopy, the system uses IDCAMS Repro to copy the data set, in which case the only advantage is that Repro does not impact the DB2 buffer pool.


Author: Srini

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