JAVA Celebrating 20th B’day

“Over the past 20 years Java has grown and evolved to become one of the most important and dependable technologies in our industry” explains Georges Saab, Vice President of the Java Platform Group at Oracle. We are celebrating the 20th year since the first version of Java was released for the public use.

There are over 9 million Java developers working across all major industries. The Java community is constantly driving innovation and changing our daily lives.

Discover the movers and shakers of the technical world in the Nighthacking interviews.Best Books on Payments: Credit CardsElectronic and Online Payments The Java community is very invested in delivering new innovations in Java 9.

The release will provide modularity and include a common logging system for all JVM components, more HotSpot JIT compiler controls, and much more.

Celebrating Java is honoring its thriving community. Visit the 20 years of Java website and share your comments and pictures. Celebrate with us May 20 on Twitter using the hashtag #Java20.

Ref: Oracle-Java

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