8 Super Ideas on SMS managed MGMTCLAS in JCL

In mainframe JCL, the Key word related to dataset is MGMTCLAS. This class is usually defined by system storage administrator.


What are the key facts behind storage class:

  1. Migration of the data set, including migration from primary storage to DFSMShsm-owned storage to archival storage
  2. Backup of the data set, including frequency of backup, number of versions, and retention criteria for backup versions
  3. Automatic deletion of data sets
  4. Automatic release of unused space in data sets
  5. All the above functions are performed by  Hierarchical Storage Manager (DFSMShsm).

Interview Questions on MGMTCLAS

  • If SMS is not installed or is not active, the system syntax checks and then ignores the MGMTCLAS parameter.
  • SMS ignores the MGMTCLAS parameter if you specify it for an existing data set.
  • The use of a management class can be protected by RACF®.

Author: Srini

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