Job Skills and Duties for IT Integration Analyst

Integration Analyst
Integration Analyst

An integration analyst is tasked with planning, coordinating, and managing the assimilation of new software applications and programs into an organization’s existing computer network.

The analyst typically supports each department by determining its systemic needs, recommending changes, implementing new software solutions and instructing users about the interface. As computer technology continues to play a greater role in the effective operation of businesses and other institutions, the need for qualified integration analysts will continue to increase.

Job Duties:¬†You must research new software packages and make system upgrade recommendations based on the organization’s strategic goals.

  • The primary objective is to ensure all systems are generating the greatest productivity at the lowest cost. You are required to supervise the implementation process for outside software while also designing, coding and maintaining applications developed in house.

Data Scientist Masters Program

  • This entails collaborating with other tech-savvy team members in testing new applications to ensure functional requirements are met.
  • You must offer assistance to employees on how to properly use all systems, including writing training materials and conducting seminars.
  • Other duties range from maintaining internal websites and databases to account billing and communicating customization requests to vendors.

Essential IT Skills:

  • You must be able to effectively communicate complex concepts with vendors, customers, co-workers and management, both verbally and in writing.
  • You must balance a self-motivated, independent work ethic with the desire to train and assist others. Organization, prioritization, attention to detail and the ability to work under pressure are all crucial.
  • Most employers also look for individuals with strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Proficiency in math and science is helpful.
  • In addition, most analysts have technical expertise in TCP/IP; firewall management; database administration; Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems; and programming languages like SQL, Java and C++.

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Author: Srini

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