Mainframe: How to Use 3.4 Option

MVS 3.4 option

The commands listed here are for use on the data set list display produced by ISPF option 3.4 or the Data Set Lists (DSLIST) command. Consider trying these commands on your own ISPF data set list.

Unlike the line commands used in the previous article, none of these commands alter data sets or data set members. The SRCHFOR and SAVE commands do create new data sets.

Primary commands for DSLIST include:

• VA, which is “view attributes” mode.
• VS, which is “view space” mode.
• VT, which is “view total” mode.
• VV, which is “view volume” mode.

VV is the IBM default for a data set list display. Although this can be changed on the 3.4 display screen, it’s the best setting for performance when creating a new data set list.

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