15 Precious Uses of INREC,OUTREC and OUTFIL in JCL DFSORT

With INREC, OUTREC, and OUTFIL, you can perform a wide variety of tasks while sorting, copying, or merging, including the following:

15 Real Uses of DFSORT

  1. Delete fields.
  2. Reorder fields.
  3. Insert separators (blanks, zeros, strings, current date, future date, past date, and current time).
  4. Translate data from uppercase to lowercase, lowercase to uppercase, EBCDIC to ASCII and ASCII to EBCDIC.
  5. Translate data to hexadecimal and bit representation.
  6. Convert numeric values to many different types of printable formats with or without thousands separators, decimal point, leading or suppressed zeros, and signs.
  7. Convert numeric values from one format to another format.
  8. Perform arithmetic using numeric values and decimal constants.
  9. Convert date fields from one type to another type.
  10. Perform arithmetic using date fields.
  11. Change values using a lookup table.
  12. Replace or remove data using find and replace operations.
  13. Insert sequence numbers.
  14. Left-justify data, right-justify data, left-squeeze data, and right-squeeze data.
  15. Perform various operations on groups of records.

Author: Srini

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