JCL Temp dataset with disp ‘KEEP’ or ‘CATLG’

If the DISP parameter for a temporary data set specifies KEEP or CATLG, the system changes the disposition to PASS and deletes the data set at job termination.

However, the system does not change the disposition for a data set when all of the following are true:

  • The data set resides on tape
  • The data set is new
  • The data set is not named in a DSNAME parameter
  • The status in the DISP parameter is OLD or SHR
  • The UNIT parameter contains DEFER

In this case, the system deletes the data set at job termination but tells the operator to keep the volume for the data set.

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//              SPACE=(CYL,20)
//             SPACE=(TRK,15)
(Ref: IBM on JCL)

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