IBM Z13 top features to use with Digital Technologies

IBM took the wraps off a new mainframe computer on Tuesday, promising it will help customers to detect more fraud in real time and plow through billions of transactions generated each day by smartphones and tablets.

IBM Z13 capabilities

Applications of New Z13

The z13 is IBM’s first new mainframe in almost three years, and it shows the company continuing to invest in a product that’s still relied upon heavily by banks, airlines and other big firms, while logging steadily lower sales each year.


What is New

The z13 gets a new processor design, faster I/O and the ability to address up to 10TB of memory — three times as much as its predecessor. It can house up to 141 processor units in a single system and run as many as 8,000 virtual servers, the company says.

IBM recently celebrated the mainframe’s 50th anniversary, and one of the reasons it’s still going — even as IBM sells off its x86 server business — is that IBM keeps refreshing it to handle new computing tasks.

“It screams on traditional workloads like OLTP (online transaction processing), but we’ve also designed the z13 for the explosive growth in mobile,” said Ross Mauri, general manager of IBM’s mainframe group.

Mobile World

  • Each time a person hits the “buy” button on a smartphone app, he says, it triggers a cascade of transactions behind the scenes involving credit card approvals, inventory and billing systems.
  • The z13 can process 2.5 billion transactions per day, IBM claims — equivalent to “100 Cyber Mondays every day of the year.”
  • IBM’s z13 mainframe is tuned for mobile transactions.

Fraud Detection

  • Fraud detection is another big focus.
  • The z13 will allow companies to analyze every transaction they process in near real-time to detect instances of fraud in banking,
  • health insurance and other industries, according.
  • Able to do real-time analytics on 100 percent of transactions.

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