5 JCL Cataloged Procedure Interview Questions

Here’re the JCL cataloged procedure interview questions. These’re useful to understand concept of procedures(re-usable code) in JCL.

JCL Cataloged Procedure Interview Questions

Q1). What is in-stream procedure?

A1) An in-stream procedure is a named set of job control statements in a job that can be re-executed within that job, simply by invoking the name of the procedure.

Q2). What is Cataloged procedure?

A2) A cataloged procedure, like an in-stream procedure, is a named set of job control statements. However, these control statements are placed, or cataloged, in a partitioned data set (PDS) or partitioned data set extended (PDSE) known as a procedure library. This enables a cataloged procedure to be invokedby any job.

Q3). Where can you place catalogued procedures?

A3) Cataloged procedures can be placed in the system procedure library SYS1.PROCLIB or in any user-specified procedure library (for example JCLLIB).

Q4). How to test, if a cataloged procedure is working or not?

A4) Before cataloging any procedure, test it as an instream procedure first.

Q5). How to identify in-stream procedure in Job?

A5) By looking for “PEND” and “PROC”


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