CICS Files, What’s CONSISTENT Option

A tricky file handling option in CICS is CONSISTENT. CICS handles integrity in two ways. There are two ways -One way is read waits till update completes, and option -2 is first READ completes and then UPDATE completes.

Details of CICS READ

The record is read with a level of read integrity provided by a VSAM shared lock that lasts for the duration of the request.

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If the record is being modified by another task, which therefore holds an exclusive lock, the READ request waits until the update is complete (unless NOSUSPEND is also specified) as follows:

  • For a READ request against a non-recoverable file, the READ completes as soon as any VSAM request performing the update completes.
  • For a READ request against a recoverable file, the READ request completes when the updating task completes its next sync point or rollback.

CICS READ Syntax from IBM manual:




   +-SYSID(systemname)--LENGTH(data-area)-+ +-DEBKEY-+   
   '-LENGTH(data-area)--------------------' +-DEBREC-+   

   '-GTEQ--' '-NOSUSPEND-'

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