2 Powerful Tools for CICS Web services Development in Zo/s

Service oriented architecture (SOA) is a business-driven IT architectural approach that supports integrating the business as linked, repeatable business tasks, or services.

General outline of how web services works in Zo/s context


  • Batch Utilities: 

Consists of a set of JCL batch utilities that generate program components

DFHLS2WS – Transforms a language structure into a Web Service Binding File and a Web Service Description (WSDL). Use this to put a web service front end on an existing application.

DFHWS2LS – Generates a Web Service binding file from a Web Service description (WSDL). This utility also generates a language structure that you can use in your application programs. Use this to create a new CICS application based on a WSDL, or to enable CICS to be a web service requester

  • User friendly Tools

RDz is the more powerful alternative.
CICS Web Service Assistant should only be used for basic web services enablement and when Eclipse expertise is lacking.


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