7 Tricky Micro Focus COBOL Questions

Below are the list of topics, where every COBOL programmer mostly confused.

Tricky Questions on Micro Focus COBOL

  1. Editing characters. How MOVE will happen during data movement and what could be the end result.
  2. Differences for COMP, Comp-3, COMP-4, and Comp-5 data types
  3. Handling internal arrays. Mostly for Single dimensional array and multi-dimensional array
  4. File handling, like, writing records into a master file from transaction file.
  5. String and Un-string functions. With INSPECT and without INSPECT
  6. Internal SORT. Something like Input procedure and Output procedure
  7. Pointers, Global, Initial, Recursive, Segmentation, External. Basic differences of these terms

The above list is comprehensive and a little tricky. You will get answers here on this website.

There are projects that use Micro Focus COBOL. It is similar to Mainframe COBOL. Based on the operating system you need to prepare for interviews. So these questions helpful to attend for interviews.

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